What’s Included & Where To Find Pet Dental Insurance 

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Untreated dental problems can lead to a number of painful and very expensive issues with your pet. Unlike regular health insurance, there are pet insurance options that do include dental coverage. Granted, in most scenarios, you will have to pay an additional fee to add this coverage to your pet’s regular plan. For most pet owners, the extra fee is totally worth it to avoid the chronic pain, tooth loss, and gum disease that can happen to your pet. You should get to know what to look for with your pet’s dental insurance. This guide will show you everything that should be included. 

Wellness Insurance For Dental

It’s important to note that not all pet insurance is made the same. Be sure to carefully go over your policy and what’s covered before you buy. Compare as many quotes as possible with a third-party tool like QuotePurple.com to see what’s available.

For example, most wellness insurance plans include yearly dental cleanings. Although this is vital to keep your pet’s gums and teeth continually healthy and strong, there’s a lot more that you’ll need coverage for if your pet does get sick or chips a tooth.

Wellness coverage is great for preventative care such as dental cleanings. However, it may not cover some other common dental issues that nearly ¾ of all pets face. Here’s what to watch out for when looking for coverage.  

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What Should Be Covered For Full Dental Protection 

Most pet insurance plans will include coverage for accidents and common illnesses. Let’s say your dog gets a little too rowdy at the park one day and chips her tooth. Because your current pet insurance covers accidents like this, you can have a tooth extraction covered. But like we mentioned, not all pet insurance plans are made equally. 

Be sure to check the details of your pet’s accident policy to see if teeth are also covered. 

Some plans will offer pet dental insurance as an additional add-on to your pet’s regular insurance. This coverage guarantees coverage for things such as:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Extractions
  • Gum disease (gingivitis)
  • Peridontal disease
  • Root canals and crowns
  • Stomatitis 

These are some of the most common dental issues both dogs and cats face. If you do decide to pay for additional coverage, your plan should at least cover these things. 

Providers may ask that you also commit to ensuring your pet’s teeth remain consistently healthy. This may include annual cleanings and assessments, regularly brushing your pet’s teeth, and implementing any other preventative recommendations by your veterinarian.

Some plans only cover specific injuries and issues related to your pet’s teeth. You may also find that some plans won’t cover certain breeds or may disqualify you based on your pet’s background. 

What Is Not Covered With Pet Dental Insurance

Although you may need yearly cleanings are necessary for coverage, the cleanings themselves may not be covered. Routine cleanings are covered with preventative care coverage or wellness coverage. 

Of course, there are other things that you may need coverage for that are not covered by most pet dental insurance plans. For example, cosmetic procedures will not be covered by insurance.

There are comprehensive dental plans available. However, do not expect most plans to include issues we haven’t included on our list. 

Similarly, you should expect your coverage options to change if your pet has a pre-existing condition. 

Pre-Existing Dental Conditions 

Pre-existing conditions are anything health concerns your pet has before you enroll your pet into a policy. This can be anything from a genetic disease, something your pet developed along the way, or a previous accident from a very young age. 

As far as your pet’s dental coverage, some providers may have restrictions on coverage. Your pet’s age or breed may prevent them from receiving coverage. 

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How To Find The Best Pet Dental Insurance

There are lots of plans available for you and your dog or cat. However, not all plans are made equal. It’s important to compare plans not just to see the pricing, but also to see how much coverage you’ll receive from various plans.

If you already have regular pet insurance, check to see if your accident coverage will cover dental issues. And if you have wellness insurance, see what dental preventive care is covered. Next, find the gaps in your coverage and decide if it’s worth finding additional pet dental insurance. 

If you still need coverage, call QuotePurple.com to compare various plans. Using a third-party site like ours can help you skip the poor-quality providers and get right to get free quotes from reputable pet insurance providers. 

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