Average Cost of Insurance For Sport Motorcycles

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Most states require sportbike, supersport, or sport motorcycle riders to have insurance on their vehicles. Unlike regular motorcycle insurance, your sport motorcycle will have different concerns that will need coverage. Additional coverage such as medical bills, thefts, and physical damages.

Most riders find that insurance for sportbikes is expensive. Even though you want to find the cheapest auto insurance possible, be sure to educate yourself on all the risks of owning a sportbike. 

Today, we’ll share some average annual costs of insuring a sport motorcycle. In this article, you’ll find average estimates for:

  • Dual-sport bikes
  • Lightweight sportbikes
  • Middleweight sportbikes
  • Superbikes 
  • Hyperbikes

Why Are Sportbikes Expensive To Insure?

Sport motorcycles are high-performance, expensive, and faster vehicles. They are the most expensive motorcycles to insure and have over 300% higher premiums. 

Depending on the class of sport motorcycle you have, insurance can get expensive. However, you can also get rates as low as $75 a year depending on who you are as a driver, and the bike you want to insure. 

Your rate isn’t just determined by what kind of bike you have, it’s also determined by who you are as a driver. Similarly to car insurance, your premium is calculated and affected by your:

  • Age and sex
  • Driving history
  • Type of motorcycle or sportbike
  • Where you live
  • What you use your motorcycle for 

As a fast, lightweight, and high-precision motorcycle, this type of vehicle appeals to many younger males. This can, again, increase the average premium of a sportbike.  

Sport motorcycles are also one of the most commonly stolen motorcycles. This is due to the lack of security, and their high price tags. In addition to theft risks, sport motorcycles are also much faster than regular motorcycles. This makes them much harder to handle and maneuver, making them far more dangerous than any other vehicle.

Value safety over anything else while driving, even if you’re experienced. It’s recommended that experienced and trained motorcycle enthusiasts test their speed limits in a controlled environment such as a race track to reduce the risk of fatalities. You can also practice safe driving by:

  • Wearing a helmet along with other protective gear
  • Installing anti-theft systems 
  • Diving the speed limit on public roads at all times
  • Avoid driving in wet, icy, or slick conditions 
  • Taking additional driver safety courses and training

Types of Sportbikes That Need Insurance 

Sport bikes are motorcycles with high-performance engines, lightweight frames, and aerodynamic fairings. This makes them faster with high-precision handling, making them perfect for experienced riders who like to test their skills.  

Please note that these annual averages are from the national average of sportbike premiums. To get the most accurate quote for your bike, talk to one of our Quote Purple partners or we can email several competitive quotes to you today!

Dual-Sport Bikes

These motorcycles are used both on and off the road, hence the name “dual sport.” Dual-sport bikes can master the same terrains as a dirt bike, only they’re equipped with headlights and other safety features, making them safe for the road. Popular bikes include:

  • The Honda XR line
  • Suzuki DR line
  • Yamaha WR line
  • KTM EXC line
  • Kawasaki KLR650 and 250

They have smaller engines than other sportbikes, making them a little safer and cheaper to insure. Dual-sport bikes have an annual average premium of $980.

Lightweight Sportbikes

Lightweight sportbikes are great for beginners and are a little easier to handle. The engine only displaces up to 500cc, which is still fast, but not overwhelming. Popular lightweight bikes include:

  • Honda CBR250R and CBR300R
  • Kawasaki Ninja 250R and 300
  • Yamaha YZF-R3 
  • KTM RC39

These bikes are also cheaper to insure. Beginning riders, or young riders should look into these types of bikes. These sportbikes have an average annual premium of $1,415.

Middleweight Sportbikes

Middleweight sportbikes are middle of the range bikes. They’re a little heavier and faster than dual-sport and lightweight sportbikes. These engines displace at around 600-750cc, and are commonly considered supersport class bikes. Some popular examples of middleweight sportbikes include:

  • Honda CBR600
  • Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
  • Suzuki GSX-R600 and 750
  • Yamaha R6

These bikes have more than 100 horsepower and weigh around 400 pounds. These bikes are much harder to handle and maneuver, making them very expensive to insure. Middleweight sportbikes have an average annual premium of $5,400. 


Superbikes are also referred to as liter-class or literbikes. With up to 1000cc engines, they are incredibly fast and very hard to handle safely. Popular bikes include: 

  • Yamaha R1
  • Kawasaki ZX-10R
  • Honda CBR1000RR
  • BMW S1000RR

As you can imagine, these bikes are more expensive to insure. Superbikes have an average annual premium of $3,075. 


Hyperbikes or hypersport bikes are more than 1000cc machines, making them incredibly fast, high-performance vehicles. Popular hyperbikes include: 

  • Suzuki Hayabusa
  • Honda Blackbird
  • Kawasaki ZX14-R
  • BMW K1200R
  • Kawasaki H2

These are also expensive to insure, and can be incredibly dangerous if not handled properly. Hyperbikes can have an annual average premium of $3,100.  

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